The Partial Hospitalization Program is our highest level of care at our Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Florida.

During their stay at one of our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs, our clients reside in gender specific luxury residences. These residences are monitored 24/7 by a licensed CNA or behavioral health technician. We realize that men and women have unique and specific needs while attending an Addiction Treatment Center at our Luxury Drug Rehab Centers in Florida, so treatment is focused on the individual as we treat the whole person.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Women may involve co-occurring issues related to relationships, abuse, depression and mood disorders. At Good Future Rehab Center our medical staff and therapists are qualified to provide Mental Health Rehabilitation Services as needed.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Men must include the same core treatment as with our female clients, however male clients have their own unique concerns. Men are also faced with issues of depression and abuse but they may be faced with issues such as anger management. Some men have faced Pain Medication Abuse due to sports, accident or work related injuries. Prescription Pain Medication Detox and Recovery from Prescription Pain Medication is the focus of many of or our male clients in our Drug Rehab Treatment Programs.

During your or your loved one’s stay, this will be their home away from home. Clients looking for Drug Rehab Centers Near the Beach will be excited that of all of Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Florida, Good Future Rehab Center is centrally located in Delray Beach, Florida. Good Future Offers the best option in a Beach Side Florida Drug Rehabilitation Center with all of our residences located just a few minutes from the beach.

At Good Future Rehab Center we provide full local transportation to our facility 7 days per week, where clients have community group, individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, if necessary, and a variety of other healing activities that promote wellness

Our clients also enjoy other related services and activities:

  • Recovery and 12 step meetings
  • Exploration of spirituality
  • Nature walks
  • Nearby beaches and ocean activities
  • Yoga
  • Music and art therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Exercise and swimming
  • Life Skills
  • Healthy lifestyle coaching

Removing yourself from your environment is what helps you set your feet on solid, safe ground. We will help you move your life in the right direction and achieve freedom substance abuse.

Good Future is waiting for you and we will help you find a pathway to a brighter future.


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