Individual and Family Therapy-

The whole picture, often not considered when facing substance abuse is the fact that addiction is considered a family disease. You could say that it takes a village for an alcoholic and/or an addict to stay sick. Sometimes they are cushioned by loved one’s that soften the fall so they don’t feel the reality of their disease. Therefore, the rock bottom is more elusive. The human condition helps us see the best in others, and we, like the addict may deny that there is a problem, or make excuses and shrug off the lies. These members of the family and friends need to be an active part of the addicts’ recovery, by becoming part of the solution and getting on board with what it takes to create healthy boundaries that help us all live comfortably on our own two feet, rather than under a blanket of denial.

Individual Therapy-

Each client will have one on one therapy with their counselor who will work with them to identify the core issues that trigger substance abuse, and if there are any underlying factors that many contribute to their inability to cope with life sober. We find out the family portrait that paints the picture and find out what the client needs in order to have continued success once they return home. We invite the family to come to sessions, to help open their eyes and ears and step in the right direction, it is often recommended that family may attend a 12 step group called Al-Anon, for families and friends of alcoholics/addicts, this group is offered for co-dependents that don’t understand addiction and are powerless to the disease. The only thing you can change is your response.

Family Therapy-

Families are invited to come alone and explore their challenges how it relates to the patient and their situation. Eventually families and patients unite and with the therapist, where everyone communicates expectations and concerns while the therapist facilitates the direction things need to go. It will enhance relationships and strengthen communication and build the bridge to get over the troubled waters.

Substance abuse treatment in Palm Beach for your loved one is a great start for helping a family to heal for the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. At Good Future Rehab Center we recognize the damage that drug and alcohol addiction can do to the entire family. Seeking treatment at our Luxury Drug Rehab Centers in Florida is the best first choice. Come join us today.


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