Dual Diagnosis refers to the existence of co-occurring illness, such as a mental illness and addiction. In this context the way your treatment is approached at our facility, is called Dual Diagnosis treatment. Most often, those with an underlying undiagnosed mental illness such as depression with self-medicate to find relief, albeit short lived. This practice of using a substance to find relief is the beginning of the cycle that will never end, because using makes the mental illness worse, and then the need for a substance to escape becomes greater. Diagnosis of these illnesses, also called co-morbid, is often hard to diagnose, because substance abuse can cause psychiatric symptoms. For example, cocaine causing anxiety and alcohol causing depression are among common effects. Substance abuse to treat a mental illness is like a band aid is to a gaping wound. Similarly, to try and treat an addiction when you are battling a mental illness is trying to play cards without a full deck.

To treat the person as a whole and to identify the presence of both is offered here and is called an integrated approach. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in the United States calls this approach the most effective for clients. It will bring a Good Future, when applicable we treat and Dual Diagnose so you will be set up with a sound mind and whole body on the path to healing. This is a journey not a destination, but we will walk together on the right path.


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