Cocaine addiction statistics tell you everything you need to know about the nature of cocaine addiction and the need for Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Miami, Florida. Though not as popular as it once was, cocaine addiction remains prevalent in this country and is often a part of the reason why people end up in the emergency room or overdosing.

Cocaine addiction affects everyone, from the rich professionals trying to make it through the day to a homeless person addicted to crack. No one is immune except those who never try it.

Cocaine Addiction and Use Statistics
Cocaine use occurs among people of all ages and is often associated with other crimes. Readily accessible and easy to afford, cocaine use statistics are high, demonstrating just how serious of a problem Americans have with addiction to cocaine.

  • One out of four Americans between the ages of 26 and 34 admit to using cocaine at some point in their lives.
  • 15,000 Americans die every year due to cocaine use and complications that result.
  • 300,000 infants in 1988 (the last report available) were born with a cocaine addiction due to their mother’s drug use.
  • Cocaine is the most common drug related to arrests due to narcotic use or dealing. In 2004 there were 12,166 arrests due to cocaine.
  • 27.5 percent of people in prison in 2004 had used cocaine prior to their arrest.

Cocaine use is not just common amongst adults – high numbers of teens and college students also succumb to the temptations of the drug.

Cocaine Addiction and Use Among Young People 
Parents and loved ones who do not use cocaine are often surprised to find that their family members have easy access to the drug and many experiment with cocaine and other drugs. Statistics show that cocaine use is becoming more common and widespread. While not all people who use cocaine become addicted, the prevalence of cocaine use is disturbing.

  • 36.8 million Americans aged 12 and older have used cocaine at least once in their lives, according to the White House Drug Policy.
  • 3.3 percent of high school and college students report being current users of cocaine.
  • 8 percent of high school students report using cocaine during their years in high school.

Cocaine Addiction and Crime Statistics 
Cocaine is illegal and those who use cocaine are committing a crime by doing so. Too often, when cocaine addiction is an issue, there are many cocaine addiction risks involved, and the users end up compounding their criminal activity in an effort to continue buying the drug. About 17 percent of prisoners report committing crime in order to support their drug habit. Drugs are also the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, whether it’s due to overdose or murder that occurs as a result of altercations related to drug transactions.


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