Also known as Big H ,Brown Sugar, H, Hell Dust, Horse, Junk, Nose Drops, Skag, Smack, Thunder.

Heroin is derived from the opiates in a poppy plant, but Heroine/Opiate addiction doesn’t bloom into a beautiful flower.

Heroin suppresses breathing, which is why the abuse and overdose usually result in death.

Chronic abuse destroys the human body in a short amount of time. Common conditions that plague heroin users include infection of the heart lining and valves, liver disease, lung disease, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS from shared needle usage. Usually additives are included in this street drug that will not dissolve in the bloodstream, and can easily create a blood clot to form and travel to the lungs, liver, heart or brain, resulting in instant fatalities. If the user does not die, the lasting damage can be the equivalent of a major stroke.

Users describe the first “high” as making one feel euphoric, but for the remainder of the addiction the user is chasing that elusive feeling.
Heroin enters the brain very quickly, which makes it easy for instant gratification and a fast addiction. It’s estimated that almost a quarter of the people who try heroin become addicted. Over time the user develops a tolerance, which means more and more heroin is needed to try achieve the same high. The user becomes indifferent to the fact that next bag could be their last depending on the potency.

Without help, and a safe and comfortable detox, withdrawal includes muscle and bone pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Chronic heroin users can feel symptoms of withdrawal in as little as a few hours. We can help with a properly supervised medical detox, eliminating must of the discomfort of withdrawal. The patient should not attempt to go “cold turkey” as that could be life threatening. A safe medical detox is indicated for heroin abuse.

The good news is it is possible to get your life back and recover from heroin use. The first step is the hardest- admitting you have a problem and that your life is unmanageable, realizing that you aren’t meant to die from the sad disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Though you may not feel like it right now, and you feel swallowed by the sea of drug addiction, we will help you swim back to shore, get back on the sand to feel the warmth of the sun and a Good Future.


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