The Top Drug and Alcohol Rehab Team

Our  Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center team consists of the most experienced, highly trained, compassionate specialists in the field of addiction today. Our medical staff is on site daily, which is unique from other facilities where the doctor oversees the drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs, but has minimal contact with the clients.

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Good Future Drug Rehab Center in FL and the Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program is provided in a safe, nurturing and drug free environment. Patients are monitored on a 24-hour basis by certified behavior health technicians. Change in attitude, behaviors and outlook on life is developed by a highly structured daily routine that becomes the status quo for patients.

Addiction Rehab Treatment Center

At Good Future Rehab Center, we offer the best drug abuse therapy in South Florida. We have specialized drug and alcohol treatment centers for men and Drug Addiction Treatment for women. We offer an eclectic mix for treatments for your mind, body and soul.


What they say

Marie Jones 


Good Future believes Addiction Treatment with Mental Health can be very effective. We want your future to be all that you deserve. Our South Florida Addiction Rehab Center utilizes current integrative and innovative approaches to design the best Drug Abuse Therapy in Florida and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Programs that are specific to your needs. Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained medical and addiction treatment professionals will provide a safe, trusting experience that will help you begin your pathway to a new future.

Clara parker


My personal experience with Good Future Inc. has been a sigh of great relief. After my detox I arrived at Good Future and began the process of committing myself to sobriety once again. I understand that I need to take things one day at a time. I have been very satisfied with the staff and Doctor’s care and attention. I feel very secure in continuing my treatment with the therapists and staff that have been taking care of me.

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