Otherwise known as DBT, is a treatment approach for persons whose emotions create problems in their lives and often in the lives of those around them as a result of these emotions. The emotions usually may be expressed in a destructive way, and may include angry outbursts, irritability, impulsive and/or, depression. The individual may find ways to avoid their negative emotions through suicide attempts, substance abuse, or eating disorders.

This behavior results in the need for Mental Health Rehabilitation Services.

DBT offers four groups, which focus on teaching more skillful, deliberate ways to manage and regulate emotions, deal with distressing situations, and improve relationships.

These groups, founded by Marsha Linehan are described below:

  • Mindful awareness: This group introduces the core principles and teaches skills to help the individual to increase their awareness to be in control of their thoughts, emotions and thought processes.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: This group will explore social effectiveness. Individuals will develop coping strategies for interpersonal conflict, helping to develop healthy respect and maintain healthy relationships.
  • Emotion Regulation: This group offers skills to help regulate emotions in the context of emotional validation. It focuses on observation and a non-judgmental description of the individual’s present emotional responses in events where an outburst has occurred.
  • Tools for Coping: This group will focus on healthy coping skills and will teach how they are tools that can be used as an alternative to unhealthy symptoms, teaching about these tools for coping with negative emotions or situations that may be triggers to uncomfortable situations.

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