12-Step Recovery Program

The 12-step Alcohol Addiction program will include recovery based step assignments, the 12 Step Behavioral Curriculum, and daily 12-step meetings.

Twelve-step programs at Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers have long been an important part of the recovery process and the basis for many recovery programs. Developed over 65 years ago by a small group of alcoholics, the AA program provides simple tools for living based on a set of spiritual principles and a reliance on the fellowship of men and women who share their experience and offer support as part of a lifelong process of recovery. This approach has since been adapted for the treatment of many other addictions.

Good Future Rehab Center is a state of the art dual diagnosis program located in Delray Beach, Florida which is cited by the New York Times as the foremost addiction recovery city in the United States. Our mission is to improve the lives of those struggling with abuse, addiction and co-occurring disorders. We offer the most comprehensive addiction treatment in the nation based on multiple research modalities.

Good Future Rehab Centers believes addiction treatment can be very effective. We want your future to be all that you deserve. Good Future Drug Rehab utilizes current integrative and innovative approaches to design alcohol treatment, drug treatment, or co-occurring treatment that is specific to your addiction needs. Rehab Treatment plans that are tailored for the needs of each individual are planned with your addiction treatment team.

Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained medical and addiction treatment professionals will provide a safe, trusting experience and help you begin your pathway to a new sober future. Our professionals have years of specialized experience in women’s addiction issues, dual diagnosis, prescription drug addiction, sober living, alcohol treatment, Drug Rehab Treatment Programs and drug rehab programs. They are dedicated to the treatment of every individual that visits the Good Future Rehab Center in Delray Beach, Florida.

All of our facilities are licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).